The Super Easy Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Dropping essential oils in your daily life can have powerful effects on your body, home and emotional health. When it comes to safe topical application (when you apply essential oils to the skin), dilution is crucial. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and can damage, sensitize or irritate the skin if applied directly on to the skin. That's why a carrier oil is key. 

When you are using essential oils as an ingredient in a massage lotion, body oil or spray, the essential oil content should account for 0.5%-5% of the total blend. For example, if you are creating a face oil, you'll want to dilute your essential oils at 1% or less. So for every ounce of carrier oil, add 9 drops of essential oil.  

To simplify the dilution calculations, we created this handy essential oil dilution chart. Click the download link below to save it! 

Essential Oil Dilution Chart For Skin & Topical Application By Aromawest

Download essential oil dilution chart