The Essential Oils You Should Use Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have an interest in astrological aromatherapy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a lifetime believer in star signs and horoscopes or just looking to have some fun, aromatherapy is a natural companion to astrology. By considering the specific characteristics of your zodiac sign, you can identify the essential oil that can best serve and suit you. It may even be exactly what you need.  

Like a personality test, your astrological sign can help you assess your motivations, preferences, strengths and weaknesses. Even if you don’t click with a specific trait of your sign, the characteristics given can help understand yourself a little more. In this guide, we’re going to recommend essential oils that enhance your strengths and alleviate the challenges of your zodiac sign. To create this list, we considered each signs’ elements, qualities and traits. 

Best Essential Oils For Aries

Best Essential Oils For Aries (March 21 to April 19): Peppermint Essential Oil and Mood Blend

You are full of ambition and are incredibly self-reliant. You see the beauty in life and strive to give your all in everything you do. On bad days, you can be a little impulsive and moody. For the Aries, we recommend Peppermint essential oil and Mood Blend. Peppermint can help boost your mental clarity and focus. It can also help relieve tension and inspire playfulness. When your emotions are getting the better of you, Mood Blend helps you reset. Its bouquet-like aroma inspires you to see the sunny side of life. 

Best Essential Oils For Taurus

Best Essential Oils For Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Breathe Blend

You are sensible, warm and patient. You offer clarity and comfort to friends and family in stressful situations. People often turn to you to provide decisions and direction. At times, you can be somewhat stubborn and headstrong. For the Taurus, we recommend Eucalyptus and Breathe Blend. Eucalyptus is rich with soothing and comforting properties. It can help offer a much-needed break when responsibilities get overwhelming. Breathe Blend’s refreshing aroma can help take deep inhales and exhales so you can slow down to relax.

Best Essential Oils For Gemini

Best Essential Oils For Gemini (May 21 to June 20): Lemon Essential Oil and Anxiety Blend

You are curious, kind and understanding. Quick on your feet, you can adapt to new situations and have a knack for deep conversation. Sometimes, you can be a little indecisive and let your nerves get the best of you. For Geminis, we recommend Lemon essential oil and Anxiety Blend. Lemon can inspire hopefulness and clarity. It can help you concentrate so you can make thoughtful decisions. Anxiety's sweet scent offers calm and comfort when worry takes over. It can help you remember that you’re trying your best and that is enough. 

Best Essential Oils For Cancer

Best Essential Oils For Cancer (June 21 to July 22): Neroli Essential Oil and Mood Essential Oil Blend

You are imaginative, strong-willed and endlessly loyal. You are a bit of a homebody and love spending time with good friends. Some may say you’re a little moody but it’s because your emotions run deep. For Cancers, we recommend Neroli essential oil and Mood Blend. Neroli can help relieve anxiety, stress and nervousness. Mood blend inspires positivity while working to balance your emotions. Diffuse Mood when your temperamental side flares up to get your feet back on solid ground. 

Best Essential Oils For Leo

Best Essential Oils For Leo (July 23 to August 22): Lemongrass Essential Oil and Energy Blend

You light up any room with your passion and generous spirit. With a natural wit, you have remarkable confidence and talent. Some may say you can be stubborn or stuck in your ways but you always make up for it with your warmth. For the Leo, we recommend Lemongrass essential oil and Energy blend. Lemongrass can help promote clarity and focus so you can lean into your creativity. It also helps you relax so you can concentrate on the task at hand. Energy can help eliminate procrastination and inspire you to get moving. Diffuse energy when you work or exercise. 

Best Essential Oils For Virgo

Best Essential Oils For Virgo (August 23 to September 22): Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and Anxiety Blend

You are grounded, insightful and hardworking. As a friend, you are incredibly dependable and are the first to show up when someone needs a helping hand. You are prone to worry and overthinking situations but your kindhearted spirit is truly beautiful. For Virgos, we recommend Ylang Ylang essential oil and Anxiety blend. Ylang Ylang promotes optimism and hopefulness while working to relieve feelings of distress. Anxiety blend helps you quickly adapt to stressful situations or encounters. If you’re struggling with social anxiety, diffuse Anxiety before your next outing. 

Best Essential Oils For Libra

Best Essential Oils For Libra (September 23 to October 22): Grapefruit Essential Oil and Energy Blend

You are intuitive, gracious and deeply empathetic. Design and style are your favorite pursuits. Sometimes you can have a hard time making decisions or choosing sides because of your truly compassionate heart. We recommend Grapefruit essential oil and Energy essential oil blend. Grapefruit can offer mental clarity and soothe restlessness. It can help balance your mood so you can naturally lean into your warm and friendly side. Energy was formulated to spark enthusiasm and help you conquer doubt. Diffuse Energy when you need some extra motivation. 

Best Essential Oils For Scorpio

Best Essential Oils For Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): Geranium Essential Oil and Detox Blend

You have more passion in your pinky finger than most people have in their entire bodies. You are an incredible friend and known for your emotional bravery. At times, you’ve held onto grudges and have let envy get the best of you. For Scorpios, we recommend Geranium essential oil and Detox essential oil blend. Geranium can help release tension and soothe worries so you can open up to trust and hope. Detox can help you release negativity, resentment and dissatisfaction while offering replenishment and peace.   

Best Essential Oils For Sagittarius

Best Essential Oils For Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21): Orange Essential Oil and Immune Blend

Your natural wit and sense of humor make you the person everyone wants at their parties. You crave adventure and freedom in everything that you do. Traveling and exploring are some of your favorite pastimes. Some may call you impatient but mostly, you do what you want. For the Sagittarius, we recommend Orange essential oil and Immune essential oil blend. Orange can help you let go of self-judgment and tap into your joy. Immune can help boost and safeguard your health so you can go-go-go as much as you please. Add Immune to your bath before your next big trip to ward off germs. 

Best Essential Oils For Capricorn

Best Essential Oils For Capricorn (December 22 to January 19): Lavender Essential Oil and Chill Blend

You strive towards success and love setting positive goals for yourself. You are the person your friends turn to because of your innate stability. At times, you can be a little blunt and sometimes expect the worst out of life but you’re the person everyone wants on their side when the chips are down. For Capricorns, we recommend Lavender essential oil and Chill essential oil blend. Lavender is rich with relaxing and emotionally stabilizing properties. As a go-getter, you need a wellness break to reduce worry and stress. Chill can help you carve out time to yourself so you can recharge before your next BIG success! 

Best Essential Oils For Aquarius

Best Essential Oils For Aquarius (January 20 to February 18): Vetiver Essential Oil and Sleep Blend

You are intelligent, creative and innovative in everything you do. You crave inspiration and little surprises. At times, you bury your emotions and can be a little aloof but your forward thinking keeps you moving. For the Aquarius, we recommend Vetiver essential oil and Sleep blend. Vetiver is rich with grounding properties. It can also help increase mental stamina and ward off exhaustion. Sleep promotes a relaxed state of mind so you can fall and stay asleep. It’s especially important for you, as an Aquarius, to get adequate rest. Diffuse Sleep 30 minutes before bedtime and wake-up fully rejuvenated. 

Best Essential Oils For Pisces

Best Essential Oils For Pisces, February 19 to March 20): Bergamot Essential Oil and Ritual Blend

You have an enormous heart and are deeply intuitive. You love romance and using your imagination to spark fresh ideas. At times, you can be sensitive or prone to worry but your thoughtful nature always guides you through. For the Pisces, we recommend Bergamot essential oil and Ritual Blend. Bergamot helps boost confidence and promote positivity. It can support genuine self-acceptance and encourage full-body relaxation. Ritual Blend can help you feel more grounded and tap further into your intuition. It inspires deep gratitude while helping you release negative energy.